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Norman Sanchez | Architect, LEED AP

Norman's passion for Architecture began at an early age when he would accompany his great uncle to visit the resort hotels and cultural buildings his firm had designed and built throughout Mexico. This early exposure to the rich architectural styles of Mexico, the use of light and color, and the incorporation of nature led to his decision to pursue a career in Architecture. 

After completing his degree in Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, he began his apprenticeship initially in Mexico designing and building custom homes and commercial spaces in the traditional Mexican architectural style and completed it in Northern California at a small firm specializing in high-end residential design throughout the greater Bay Area. Once obtaining his license to practice Architecture in 2003 he started a firm in Alameda, California. 

A strong advocate of sustainable design, Norman became a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional in 2008.


Sara Sanchez | Financial Officer & Marketing Director

Sara joined the firm in 2006 as the Financial Officer and Marketing Director. Previously, she worked in the biotechnology field developing and manufacturing diagnostic and vaccine products. Her analytical and organizational skills have proven a great asset to the firm.

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derek pavlik | senior designer

Derek joins the firm after nearly 20 years of formative experience in both design and construction, including a degree in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, and most recently as a Project Manager at Buestad Construction Inc. His passion for architecture first took shape as improvised structures created in the oak trees and seasonal creek brambles of rural Northern California, collaborative hands-on experiences that sparked a parallel affection for the craft of construction. With an extensive body of work now behind him, his design approach continues to be informed by those early lessons, of spaces shaped simply in direct response to clear functional goals and a healthy pursuit of fun.



We utilize a flexible group of 2 or more drafters at any given time.