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Remodeling your existing home, designing a custom home or creating an effective work environment is a challenging and rewarding experience. To ensure a successful project, close collaboration between the client and the architect is essential. As such, it is important for the client to understand the three major phases of the process:

Design Phase

Building Program
Initially, we ask you to bring all your ideas, dreams and requirements to the table. We prompt you to consider many factors about the way you live/work and how these factors might influence the design of your space. We help you evaluate and prioritize your options and assist you in understanding any legal requirements that may affect the scope and/or execution of the project. 

Schematic Design
After preparing existing conditions drawings, design sketches of floor plans and exterior elevations are presented to the client exploring alternate solutions to the defined program. In addition, we coordinate with local jurisdictions to ensure all planning and building requirements are met. 

Design Development
The drawings are refined to ensure a cohesive and viable solution. Building materials, window selections and appliances are specified.

Construction Drawings Phase

The construction plans are a fully developed set of technical drawings and specifications that outline the building details for the contractor and to obtain all necessary permits. We can assist you in selecting engineers and other consultants who are needed to complete the plans and we integrate their design work into the drawings as necessary.

We can also assist you in reviewing contractor bids and in making your final selection. 


Construction Administration Phase

During the construction phase, we act as a representative for our clients to review the progress and quality of the building work, coordinate the plans with the general contractor, provide support with sketches and field visits, and assure that the design is executed as intended.